The Much Lauded DOD EMALL Channel is back!

dodEmall   EMALL has released Solicitation SP4708-15-R-0001 on FBO for its new contract worth up to $100 Million.


Our DOD EMALL service includes:

  1. We Determine if your products qualify for DOD EMALL;
  2. If they do, we will write a winning proposal submission;
  3. Once awarded, we’ll do all the work to upload your product catalog onto the DoD eMall site.

What are the Benefits of Using DOD EMALL?

Greater Market Exposure

DOD EMALL gives Government Contractors greater access to DoD Customers. Last year, Billions of dollars were purchased through DoD eMall.

Direct Purchases

DOD EMALL allows Government Customers to purchase from you directly through the eMall ordering and RFQ site.


Once you’re on DoD eMall, Purchases can be completed quickly

Single Entry

DOD EMALL is the single entry point for DOD customers seeking to acquire off-the-shelf, finished goods from the commercial marketplace.

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